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kirby_nolan in fistfulofdinars

Kirby's Springer

The designation cargo jeep is usually assigned to small utilitarian vehicles used to ferry light cargo over short or medium distances. The Springer is a perfect example of such a vehicle. Although it is in service with the Southern army (being the standard light cargo hauler of the MILICIA), similar designs can be found in all Terranovan armies.

The Springer has a rugged suspension that gives it good off-road performance for a wheeled design, although not at the level of a true off-road capable vehicle. The entire vehicle is built around a standard diesel engine, a powerplant that is simple and easy to replace and repair. Some models have salvaged V-engines from Gears, but the complex transmission required sometimes more problems than field technicians are willing to cope with.

The spacious rear cargo bay can easily accomodate several different kinds of supplies, such as ammo boxes, food packs, water or fuel tanks, or even stretchers. The cargo bay (or the entire vehicle, for that matter) is not armored - the hull is made of thin metal sheets stamped into shape and bolted over the chassis. Some models have a removable cargo bay cover to transport tall cargo.

Relevant RP Stats:
Diesel engine (top speed 92 kph, cruising speed 46 kph)
Deployment range: 500 km
1 crew + 2 passenger seats
2m x 2m x 2.5 m cargo bay
Page 115, Tactical Field Support


Where is this springer?