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kirby_nolan in fistfulofdinars

Kirby's Gear

Varis (Impounded)
Springer Jeep (At the homestead)

Light flak suit
Medium flak vest
Desert goggles
Dust mask

Homesteader with 4 rounds loaded, 12 in reserve
Blackblade "Survivalist" Knife with boot sheath (AD+7, ACC 0)
Northco SG-26 Pump Action Shotgun with 20 rounds of buckshot, 10 ring slugs, and 3 haywire rounds. All ammo (except the 5 buckshot rounds loaded into the weapon) is still on the varis.

Survival kit/Camelbak
Cell phone
WFPA OmniTool
1 pair metal restraints
1 bundle of zip ties (100 total)
Electronic Transcriber
Anything else I think of that seems appropriate