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ffod_moderator in fistfulofdinars

Chaplain Isaac McClay

Isaac McClay is a chaplain in the Norlight Armed Forces. After kirby_nolan was released from the Colonial prison camp after the cessation of hostilities, Isaac was the man who was charged with rehabilitating him and ensuring the strength of his faith and, secondarily, making sure he was healthy psychologically. Although Isaac failed his primary task, he did well in the second. He brought Kirby contraband like cigarettes spent many hours talking with him before Kirby was sent back to the Protectorate.

Kirby rarely speaks with Isaac anymore, calling him once or twice a cycle under some thin pretext when what he really needs is advice. Isaac is happy to offer his input, believing that while he failed to indoctrinate Kirby in the military hospital, he may yet accomplish his goal with patience and understanding.

Chaplain archetype. Page 68, Tactical Field Support